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Runhe Chemical is a leading and professonal organo silicone manufacturer in CHINA which has three subsidiary companies. Factory 1:Zhejiang Runhe Organicsilicone New Material Co.,Ltd. It specilize in the research,manufacture and marketing of the silicone based new materials include Silicones,Silanes,Siloxanes,Agricultural Organo Silicone Synegists,100% Non-ionic Organo Silicone Surfactants,Solid Agricultural Organo Silicone.Polyether Modified Trisiloxane,Heptamethyltrisilxoane,D4H,Methyl hydrogen cyclosiloxane,Polyether Modified Silicone Oil,Cosmetic Silicone fluid,Low methyl hydrogen silicone fluid,Vinyl polydimethyltrisiloxane,Vinyl silicone resin,Phenyl vinyl silicone resin,Phenyl hydrogen silicone oil,Agricultural Silicone Antifoams,Textile process concentrate silicone defoamers,epoxy flooring silicone defoaming agent,Leveling agent,2-Component Additional type liquid silicone rubber,LSR,LIMS,Insulator liquid silicone rubber,Liquid silicone rubber for textile belt,for screen printing, for insole,for scutcheon,prime coat etc.Factory 2:produce textile auxilaries include Amino silicone oil,Smooth agent,High content wool smooth,Block silicone oil,CONC.Block silicone emulsion,Hydrophilic silicone oil,Concentrated silicone softener,Block silicone emulsion,Soft agent emulsion,Mercerizing smooth emulsion,Additives,Wax emulsion,pretreatment and dyeing,softener flake series etc.3.Export Company:Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co.,Ltd,responsible for the export business of the first two companies.Runhe Chemical has the research center of 1700 square meters with thorough experimental facilities.We combine research, production and sales together, strengthening the skill and technology cooperation both in domestics and overseas.We aslo Pay attention to the stability of product quality and excellent efficacy.Runhe Chemical got ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification in 2004, strengthening the product and environment management. Looking forword to cooperation with customers all over the world.


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Electrical Products: Distribution Boards, Electrical Products, Insulators


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$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000


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Origin: China

Category: Inorganic Chemicals - C


Defoamer RH-9501 is emulsified by special organic silicone, have very low surface tension and cohesive energy, can eliminate and inhibit the bubble. Is a multipurpose defoaming agent, can...

Origin: China

Category: Inorganic Chemicals - M


Advantage(1)Compared to others, Cross-linking Agent for Silicone Rubber made fromHigh-performance Hydrogen Cyclosiloxane has low T10 and T90 evidently insulfuration of silicone rubber, which...

Origin: China

Category: Silicone Coatings


Silicone based leveling agent RH-T1048 is Polyether modified polysiloxane.Introduction:Low viscosity?low surface tension,it can endow the base materials with super wetting and spreading...


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